Coastal Million Maldives About

Mr. Ahmed Jamsheed’s garage workshop in 1994 with his knowledge and expertise in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning was the humble beginning of Coastal Million Maldives Pvt Ltd (CMM).

His own invention of customized refrigeration system for the fishing and live a board vessels in Maldives brought him to a business boom in 1999 and the need for direct imports for parts and other accessories made him to incorporate a company instead of his local investment.

Thus CMM was incorporated on 16th May 2000 by Mr. Ahmed Jamsheed and his wife Mrs. Sheeza Ali, in the ambition to expand their business with the growing demand in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry of Maldives.

CMM today is a trading and servicing company with 27 professionals dealing with marine, industrial, Air- conditioning and refrigeration equipment’s that are managed by professionals who possess a decade of accumulated experience.

Our Vision

“To lead the supply and servicing of marine, industrial and domestic refrigeration and air-conditioning industry of Maldives Islands” The visionary goals are lofty objectives that the waste management decides to pursue. This vision describes some milestone that to achieve in contrast to the ideology that covers of waste management will reach the entire region of the Republic of Maldives.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to provide our customers with world class products and services through the best available professionals in the Maldives Islands, while upholding our social responsibilities and generating reasonable return to its investors”.

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Our Values

We believe that our success lies in the excellence of catering to our customers and that our business will only stay in its position, in our effort to detail our customer’s requirements as much as possible.

High quality products: Economy of Maldives in growth for the last 30 years made our customers to demand for best products and services, hence we believe that every product that we offer shall be among the best of the world.

Prompt: In the industrial arena we concentrate, the foremost importance lies on the promptness in delivering our service. Thus we ordered our operations in a manner that we could deliver our customers with products and services on time as agreed.

Reliability: Our customer’s demands for dependable and reliable service, since this directly influences their business. For this matter we hire the best professionals in the country to provide after sale services for the products that we deliver.

Experience and Knowledge: Due to the dynamics of technological development, we believe in order to provide to our customers with the best technologies available for efficiency and effectiveness in their business, our staff should be always updated with the new advancements that are taking place in the field of our business. For this reason we constantly conduct update training programs to educate our staff on these developments.

Our Service Outlets

Show Room (Shop No 49): The showroom that’s located in the industrial commercial area of capital “Male” provides our customers easy accessibility to the products and services that we cater.

The showroom displays variety of products that we carry in our stocks with the technical details and authentication from the brand owners.

This includes products of marine and industrial equipment for industrial structures, fishing vessels, Live aboard vessels and commercial business.

Our sales people in the show room are well trained in all the products and services that we offer in order to provide all information that the customer may seek.

Warehousing: CMM’s 3000 sqft ware house located in Thilafushi (an industrial island located near to the capital Male’) is a facility that provides enough room for mass storage. The ware house is attached with a 1500 sqft bonded warehousing facility since much of the industrial units that CMM imports are of high duty value. Hence with the bonded warehousing facility we ease our cash flow by paying duty just on time of purchase.

Service Centre: Our service centre located at M. Taurus, Haveeree Hingun, Male’ is a facility that dedicates itself in the provision of after sale service and catering to the annual maintenance contracts. 19 technicians and 3 engineers work 10 hrs a day, 6 days a week in serving the customers promptly.

Contact us now to get quote

Contact us now to get quote

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